Not my proudest moment in HVAC history

I’ve always really disliked our gas furnace, but I mean really, really disliked it.

The darn thing never worked & I was consistently stuck in the Winter weeks being a frozen human popsicle.

At this point, when things got unbearable, I had just figured out how to deal with it & transfered on. I was greatly in debt & really couldn’t afford to purchase a current model. My wifey, who was a heating & cooling tech, moved in with me shortly thereafter. After a few weeks of listening to our constant complaining about the awful gas furnace. She decided she would take a look at it. I told her multiple times that she was just wasting her time poking around this machine. That the heating device was a fantastic for nothing except a waste of space, that it would never worked & that I have tried multiple times for many hours to get it to work with no results. I gave an earful, yet she proceeded to look over it. Suddenly I heard a loud click & sizzling heat began to pour out of the gas furnace system. I calmly stood there with our mouth open, & asked how she did that? She carefully informed me that I had to turn the heating device on in order for it to work.I guess I should have known from reading the owners manual that it wouldn’t automatically turn itself on when Winter came & automatically shut off when it passed. I’m never mentioning this HVAC mishap with my fiance to our friends or family.


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