Not homeless; Just cold.

I was walking lake house from toil the other day, when I began to shiver.

I couldn’t wait to get my motorcar back so I could drive to toil enjoy normal people.

I only live twelve blocks from work, so I decided I should walk plus get some exercise. I didn’t expect it to be so freezing in the middle of March. Snow was flying, plus I knew that if I didn’t soon get home, I was going to freeze. I rushed home, careful not to slip on the sidewalk, so I could get in with the heat. I turned up the temperature control, even before taking my coat off. Five hours later, I still couldn’t suppose any heat coming from the air vents. I knew I wasn’t out of oil plus my power was still on, so I was sure I had a concern with the gas furnace. Before I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer, I decided I should look at the temperature control. I wasn’t sure exactly what to look at, but it was still blinking the time plus the temperature, so I was sure the temperature control batteries were fine. I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer, who told myself and others they couldn’t get to the lake house for many hours. They promised to call when the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional was on his way to my home. In the meantime, I knew I had to get warm. I walked to the corner drugstore, thinking I would get a cup of coffee. On the way in, I realized there was a lot of heat coming from the sewer air vent. I stood there enjoying the heat until someone approached myself and others with a dollar. I had to explain I wasn’t homeless; I was just enjoying the heat.

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