Never Happy

The move did better my situation, and I am grateful

I was ready to move south. I was poor and hated cold winters that kept me cold until May. I lived in a crappy apartment and drove a crappy car because I had a crappy job that didn’t pay me enough for the overtime I put in. Winter comes early and stays late and I hate the cold. My apartment didn’t have central heat and air conditioning. I was stuck using space heaters and window air conditioning units. My apartment was also drafty, and my electric bill skyrocketed in winter. I dreamt of sunny days all year long and I was almost ready to take the leap.And, why not? I was single and had no children. My entire family moved away, my brother in one direction and my parents in another. This was familiar territory and I was afraid to leave it. But, I finally got the courage to go. It took me two years to save. I had to buy a better car, preferably one with heat and air conditioning. I needed to make sure I had enough money to put down on an apartment and survive for three months (my Dad’s advice). And, that’s exactly what I did. I live in the sunbelt now, where winters are mild and snow is rare. I have a decent job, a decent apartment with central heating and air conditioning, and a decent car with heating and air conditioning. The move did better my situation, and I am grateful. But, the summers are brutal here. Sometimes I want to move up north.


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