My spouse and I have an HVAC business together

My partner decided to quit her work a couple of weeks ago, so she could focus on helping me grow our furnace repair business of course…

And I have been in corporation for one year, however it’s difficult to handle everything on my own plus I still work on repairs.

Then when I am tied up with repairs on furnaces, I don’t have any time to balance the books plus worry about accounts payable plus receivable; however, these are the reasons why I enjoy working in the field. I talked to my partner about quitting her work, however she wouldn’t agree unless every one of us had a certain amount of money in the savings account first as a buffer; then a week ago, every one of us hit the mark plus my partner quit her work at the bank, and now the corporation has to support both of us so every one of us are working difficult to boost sales plus increase profitability. My partner has a ton of good ideas to help the corporation grow; she is honestly street smart, however she also has an MBA. The biggest suggestion that my partner made was advertising for the furnace repair business. The people I was with and I weren’t advertising at all before my partner quit her work. Now she makes it a point to call unusual local suppliers everyday. The people I was with and I even offer free consultations to our commercial heating as well as air conditioning clients. I suppose it is good having my partner by my side every day plus I suppose every one of us makes a good team. The sky’s the limit when the two of us work together. I have no doubt that this is just the beginning of many important things for us.

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