My son is an HVAC technician, and he helps me with my furnace

When my son decided to become an HVAC technician, I was thrilled.

I know absolutely nothing about my HVAC units.

Whenever my furnace or central air conditioner stops working, I always call an HVAC technician to have him repair it. I have always worked an office job making enough money to pay the HVAC technician, so hands-on work like that hasn’t been my thing. Somehow, my son became interested in working on things, and when he graduated, he became an HVAC technician. My son makes just as good of money as I do, and he loves what he does. However, his job as an HVAC technician benefits me in other ways too. I haven’t had to pay for work on my HVAC units since my son became an HVAC technician. The first time that my furnace broke down, my son drove out and fix the furnace. He wouldn’t even let me pay for the parts that were needed for the furnace. The only thing that he asked for was dinner after working all day. Since then, he has always fixed my HVAC units at no cost to me, and I have always cooked dinner for him when he has finished. Sometimes, we joke that the only reason that I was glad to see my son become an HVAC technician was that I wanted to save money with my furnace and air conditioner, but he knows that it isn’t true. I am glad that he is doing something that he loves. His fixing my HVAC units is just an added benefit.

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