My parents wouldn’t ever use the A/C when I was growing up

My parents would never use the air conditioning during the summer when I was growing up.

It was the weirdest thing ever, because we had a really good central air conditioning system installed in our house.

I know that it was a good A/C system because whenever we would have company over for a game night or for Sunday dinner once in a while, my parents would close up all the windows and turn the thermostat down so that the A/C would kick on. My brothers and sister and I really loved it when our parents would run the air conditioning every now and then. It was never a usual thing, though. We were always super happy to see people coming over for dinner or for game night because we knew that the A/C would be running for at least the length of time that we had company at the house! Of course, our parents would turn the air conditioning back off as soon as the game night or dinner was over. They just didn’t like to use the A/C on a regular basis. And as they made so clear to us all over the years, it was their house and their rules! We used to get so mad whenever the summer temperatures were really hot outside and they wouldn’t turn on the central air conditioning. My siblings and I used to complain like crazy, but nothing ever changed my parents’ mind unless someone was coming over! It made us want to invite people over every single night of the week!

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