My favorite time of the year

We are currently in the middle of November, and Autumn has arrived in my little southern city, however our Autumn is not love the fall season you can find in other states that derive a immense income from leaf-watchers every year, however I still like the coming of Autumn, but we do have the occasional trees whose leaves are able to turn rather pretty colors, and the two of us do have cool mornings! Sometimes, the coolness is even evident during the day, and I adore that! The best part about it is that I save cash on the a/c bill… Next to rent or mortgage, the greatest household bill is often utilities – that is, heating and cooling… In my case, it is cooling mostly, as I almost never recognize the need to use the heating, and anyway, the other day, I was gleeful to be able to flip the control unit switch to the off position and open up the windows.

I even left the a/c unit off when I went into the office. I wasn’t certain as to how overheated it would get during the day, and I bet my exhausting dog was a bit taken aback, however it didn’t get terribly hot. It didn’t recognize as if the furnace had been on all day when I walked in. The control unit was registering about 70 degrees, which is a bit warm however not too terrible. When fall comes and I turn off the a/c unit, I recognize that my a/c bill is going to plummet, and that makes me so ecstatic. Often, I take that savings and spend it on Christmas gifts for people, however this year I am in a pay-off-mortgage-asap mode, so most that I don’t spend on a/c unit is going as additional principal on the mortgage.

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