My family is going to hate how cold I keep my house

I love my family so much, but there are certain things that we do not agree on.

One of them is the temperature to keep our house.

My parents always kept the house really warm when I was a child. Even as a child, I did not like it to be so warm. It was probably about seventy-eight degrees in the house year round. It was quite miserable to me, especially during the winter months. It felt so hot compared to outside which I guess should have been warm compared to outside but not that warm. I used to sweat so badly during the night. I am a pretty big person, so I am sure that has a lot to do with it, but my parents are both big people as well. We are all over six foot tall, yet they seem to be fine with it being so hot in the house. My husband and I just finished building our very first home together, and my parents are supposed to come and visit tomorrow evening. I am super excited to see them. They live about three hours away from us, and this will be the first time that they have seen the house since it has been completely finished. I know that they will love the house, but they will probably be quite upset with how chilly I keep the house. I usually keep it at about sixty degrees or cooler. My husband likes it that cool too. I can’t wait to see my parent’s reaction to how much cooler our house is than theirs. It will be interesting that is for sure.


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