My condo association fixes the HVAC system now

I moved into a condo late last year and I’m still trying to get used to it.

  • It’s really quite a big change when you are used to living in your own single family home.

I haven’t had the greatest transition, to tell you the truth. I am not used to being told what to do or where I can put my grill or how many flowers I am allowed to put in my front yard. It’s all a little bit strange to me, but of course, there are also pluses to living in a condo community. One of the reasons that I decided to move here to start with is because of the fact that the condo association where we are living will take care of all of the repairs for you. I was really tired of dealing with maintenance and repairs at our old house, especially when it came to our old heating and cooling system. We had this ancient old oil furnace that was constantly tearing up on us during the winter. I didn’t want to bother with having the furnace replaced, since I knew that we were probably going to be moving out soon anyway. But since I didn’t want to replace the furnace, that meant I spent the entire previous winter dealing with HVAC service technicians coming in and out of the house and charging me exorbitant amounts of money just to keep the furnace going through the winter. I kept thinking about the way that I spend so much on HVAC bills and how it’s always a pain to deal with them and to make all the appointments, and I decided that I really just wanted someone else to do it for me. Hence, we moved into a condo community where they deal with all of the HVAC repairs.


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