Modern fitness center comes to small town

Progress shows up everywhere. I live in a very small farming community that has remained basically unchanged for decades. People are born, grow old & die without ever leaving here. They leave behind grown children who look & act just as they did. Eventually, a few of those families sold their farms to corporate investors. This introduced an influx of people to the area, and the neighborhood began to transform into something much bigger than the locals ever wanted. We now have fast food chain restaurants now instead of Sam’s Diner. We switched to a large fitness center instead of Carl’s private gym. Carl’s place was not so much a gym as more of a collection of equipment inside a big garage. There were racks of tools on the walls, from where Carl used to work as a mechanic. The gym was a local hangout where we all knew each other. There were no locker rooms or anything fancy. The new gym is way different. They offer a nearly endless selection of machines and equipment to choose from. A lot of the locals were opposed to the gym, but I am quite happy with it. The weight lifting area is really well equipped. I think the new fitness center is slowly winning the neighborhood over. I have signed up for membership. I’ve wanted to take a yoga class & now I finally have the opportunity. This new fitness center has forced the closing of Carl’s gym because it offers so much more. There are actual locker rooms, water coolers, bathroom facilities and a huge inventory of fitness equipment. It’s what a gym is supposed to be.
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