Mistaken Identity

Did you know that many homeowners are now connected in a network of crimestoppers? In many cities and towns the authorities are asking homeowners to register their home security cameras with them so that in the event of a crime they can use the footage as evidence.

Before you start thinking that this is an invasion of privacy, the footage will only be asked for if needed.

There is no way for them to log on and see what is going on and you still must supply the footage or images if asked. This type of system has been very helpful in solving crimes and even identifying the proper person. It has eliminated, in some cases, people who are suspected of a crime and cut down on the mistaken identity problems. It has helped put the right person behind bars and allows the police or other authorities to perform their jobs more easily. If you happen to have a home security system that includes cameras and are asked to participate in this program you may want to consider it. After all, it may help a friend or neighbor in the event of a problem and if they participate it may help you too. It is like taking the Neighborhood Watch program to the next level and these days that can be very important. The crime rate is escalating in many areas due to unemployment and the ease of stealing things that are delivered to our homes on a weekly or daily basis. If registering your camera can help catch the thieves, it makes sense to participate in this program for sure.


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