Missing my wood stove

While my hubby was away on holiday with his brother I decided I wanted to complete some tasks that we had been putting off for a long time.

  • Thankfully my child is undoubtedly accomplished when it comes to house repairs plus he was able to come in plus help me with numerous of them.

She helped me to install some current lighting fixtures plus when doing so we realize that we would need to repair the plaster in numerous spots along the ceiling, but one of the areas where we needed to do work was located directly above the wood stove plus this meant I was not going to be able to use it to heat the house. Both of us try to save currency each Winter by heating primarily with wood plus this guy I would have to turn on the boiler earlier than normal. I wasn’t looking forward to doing this because the cost of heating the beach house that way is significantly higher but I could not burn wood in the stove while the plaster above it was drying or being sanded. Both of us worked all month to finish as numerous repairs as possible in concentrated on the ceiling in the living room in order to be able to light a fire again. Thankfully we finished most of the projects before my hubby returned house plus he was pleasantly surprised because it took a lot off of his to-do list. By the time he arrived house we had everything looking great plus a fire going in the wood stove again. I was able to shut the boiler off plus he never really I knew it was on to begin with. I am sure he shall realize it once he gets the gas bill this week.

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