Managing HVAC Social Media Posts is Not All Fun and Games

I task for an online marketing supplier and due to this, my task is secure.

I do everything from my new home and on my ipad.

My workload is slightly reduced and my paycheck is a couple hundred dollars less. Other than that, my work is similar. I do but need to be careful with the social media posting. Before the virus became a big old problem, I would post for HVAC dealerships on all the platforms about tune ups, repairs and upgrades. With the virus, I need to be more aware of what I say. I have been trying to target indoor air pollen levels services. I talk about whole-new home air purifiers, UV lights and updated air filters time and time again now. The snag is that not every supplier has an inventory of indoor air pollen levels products. What do you say to keep them happy? This has taken myself and others longer trying to find the right hook. I properly use the supplier COVID-19 policy. Quite a large number of HVAC dealerships are taking proactive measures to ensure safety. Some organizations sanitize their vehicles and equipment. A lot of HVAC suppliers are providing their employees with masks, suits and gloves. There are quite a number of companies offering virtual consultations as well. That is constantly a kick to post on social media. Again though, there is constantly that 1 supplier that is not with it and is behind the times. It is hard finding the right thing to say in this pandemic. I try to talk about their emergency services, how everyone should get HVAC duct cleaning or that they are still open. Not exactly as fantastic as the other topics, but I do what I can, right?

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