Making the Most of Family Time

Cold air invigorates me. It energizes me and makes me feel alive. Not so much my husband. He prefers the heat and is more of a summer person. But, with the arrival of fall, I’m already dreaming of winter activities with the children, like sledding, tobogganing, and snowmobiling. We are an active family and Saturdays are family days. We do a lot outdoors, every and all seasons of the year. We don’t just enjoy our winter activities, we ride bicycles, hike, swim, throw frisbees in the park, have picnics and fly kites. We don’t participate in organized sports, but we don’t feel the need to. My husband goes sledding with us during the winter and I go kayaking with them in the summer, even though my husband hates the cold and I hate the heat. Family time is important to us. Another thing that is important to us is having a well working and efficient air-conditioning and heating system. We have our HVAC unit serviced every fall, before the cold weather hits us. We also take care to change our filters regularly. Because, to be honest, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy outdoor activities if we didn’t know that we would be comfortable at home. There is no way that I will go kayaking in the middle of summer if I don’t have a cool, air-conditioned house to go to. And, there is no way my husband will go sledding unless he is going home to a well heated house. Our kids don’t seem to care much, though. Extreme temperatures do not bother them.

a/c tune up

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