Looking into advertising options for my business

When sales were down for the business, I asked my sister for a couple of ideas, and she works for an immense advertising supplier and she was gleeful to help with any problem.

She told me to advertise online using keywords and pay per click advertising, and I couldn’t understand the first thing about these advertising platforms…

So I searched online for someone to help me navigate my way around! A few people weren’t interested in helping me with online advertising, simply because they were unusual with my business. I run a heating supplier that offers AC services as well! The heating supplier specializes in services like radiant heated flooring and boiler repair. I found a single university student that needed credit and she was willing to help me for free. I thought it wouldn’t hurt, since I wasn’t going to spend any money out of pocket. This child was a genius and a beautiful surprise, but Jill built a small website for my heating supplier with access to contact me directly, and she also believed that advertising AC services was the best way to access more sales. I wasn’t advertising AC maintenance services at all, so I agreed to make a few variations, and over the last month, AC maintenance appointments have tripled and a fourth of those purchasers ended up replacing their system. Our sales on AC services have never been so high and I owe it all to Jill. The child knew how to help and she didn’t charge me a single dollar. Of course, I hired the child full time and now I pay her a yearly salary for her expertise.
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