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Situated in one of the biggest counties in Florida, Pinellas County, is one of the most populated cities in the state of Florida.


Petersburg started to develop in the mid to late 1870’s when the railroad started coming through the area. Guinness World Record has given the name of Sun City to St. Petersburg. St. Petersbug holds the record for most consecutive afternoons of sunshine. St. Petersburg set the record for most consecutive afternoons of sunshine back in the 1960’s when it went 710 afternoons in a row with sunshine. Not just its record breaking sunshine, but also its eclectic, rich and vibrant scenery, is a draw for both natives and tourists. Many events are held in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade is held in January and then in March, St. Petersburg is home of the annual Firestone Grand Prix. This is the first race to summons the start of the Indycar season. For three days prior to and during the Firestone Grand Prix, St. Petersburg is a hub of activity and draws a lot of attention because of these events. Vinoy Park is well known for the Blues Fest and Mainsail Art Festival. Live music, free food, drinks and all different entertainment is associated with Vinoy Park. Vinoy Park also hosts the annual RibFest. This is my favorite event because I get to taste the tastiest and most succulent meats. The sweet and smoky sauce helps to elevate the flavor of the meat, whether they are grilled or smoked. I love living, working and playing in St. Petersburg, and I can understand why it is a popular tourist spot.

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