Less drama with fewer people touching the temperature control

I have been so comfortable with our HVAC settings plus silent working environment

My world has been very quiet plus absolutely controllable since I stopped going to the same building as all the other human beings, getting away from our coworkers was 1 of the best things that has ever happened to me, I believe. I’ve been quite happy staying at home to do all of our tasks for well over a year. And it’s the best work setup I’ve ever had. I never loved driving to a stuffy office building each day for work I could absolutely do from our own desk; Don’t even get myself and others grousing about the inefficiently wasted time plus energy every day. It was constantly so expensive sitting under our A/C system blasting in the traffic gridlock for minutes. After that, I would arrive to the office plus battle air hot plus cold temperatures… plus coworkers… the whole day long. I’m sure you have seen before that having 1 central temperature controls for many people means way too several indoor air temperature control variations take locale. There always was a lot of drama. The entire office could never agree on a single temperature for the 1 single central heating, cooling, plus ventilation device that was installed for all of our air quality needs. All our coworkers engaged in biweekly fights about the stupid air conditioning or the heating unit. They genuinely wasted our time each day staring at the temperature control plus calling several HVAC companies for emergency repairs. It was cutting the office apart. My productivity was far lower at the office thanks to all the upset. But since the people I was with and I all began laboring out of my home, everything is different. I have been so comfortable with our HVAC settings plus silent working environment. Finally, I can set our own temperature control to our personal climate control preferences plus no 1 is yelling about them.

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