Learning to balance my life at the gym

I really had no idea just how out of balance my life had become.

That is until I wound up in the doctor’s office getting an IV.

Exhaustion is no joke. And it will creep on anybody. But someone like me who had low level of health and wellness to begin with, it came on like a truck. My doctor told me it was for sure a wake up call. While I didn’t damage any organs, I had pushed my body to the limit and lost. He strongly suggested that I get to a health and fitness center as soon as possible. I had heard the doctor suggest health and wellness before. It’s just that the idea of health and fitness was just not going to fit in to my schedule. There were just too many other pressing priorities in my life. I’m learning with the help of a personal trainer, nutritional counseling and even yoga classes, that is not the way to live your life. But it hasn’t been all that easy either. It’s sort of a default reaction to respond to other’s needs and ignore my own. But having gone through the turmoil of getting rushed to the doctor and the subsequent recovery, I knew I had to change. Having checked out a lot of local gyms in the area, I settled on a health and fitness center that served many purposes. Of course, there were the normal sort of workout programs that one might find in any gym. But this gym also provided an environment of support and education. And I’m actually learning how important balance is to life.

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