Leak in the fitness center

My supplier sent myself and others out of town for corporation in March, and I have been here since then.

I have been living in a hotel, and my room is the same size as my study room at home.

I rely on the Hotel amenities for my comfort and convenience. The hotel has an indoor pool, and I swim laps every night before bed. The hotel pool is heated, which is honestly nice. Even though it’s still rather warm outside, the air can be chilly when exiting the water. I enjoy a heated indoor pool to an outdoor aquatic center. Another nice amenity in the hotel is lunch. They have a small Cafe in the lounge, and they have a variety of lunch treats. I usually grab a Tim Hortons Cappuccino and danish on my way out the door. One thing that I love about the hotel is the large fitness center. I particularly chose this hotel because of the fitness center. It’s much greater than other hotels, and the indoor fitness center boasts 18 weird machines, central heat and AC, more than five large screen TVs, and an iHome stereo system. The fitness center is almost as nice as the gym at home. I try to job out each afternoon, and I think it is a fantastic way to start the afternoon. Unfortunately, the fitness center has been closed during this past week. There is a crucial leak in the ceiling above the boiler. I have missed honestly working out in the afternoon. I have a lot of excess energy and a month full of meetings with investors. I hope the hotel fixes the leak in the fitness center today.


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