Just one more step towards cleanliness

Having a clean and well organized house for your family is particularly important to me.

It’s as important to myself in particular as it is to have superb Heating and A/C heating and cooling.

It’s actually not necessary that the house is hospital antiseptic but, I enjoy to see a clean environment. It just suits a life well lived in our opinion. I’m not truly a wild person about cleanliness. I just want the floors get done about once per month and I always correctly put things back where I found them. I do our best to keep our life partner and youngsters in line with this thinking. But, somehow, I never really considered the air that I breathe inside our home. It makes perfect logic to have all these surfaces clean so, why not the air located in our home. Recently, I became aware that it is possible to have more contaminants inside the home than there are outside. That was a bit of a scary thought for me. So, I decided to do something about that. I had a whole house air purifier put right inside our Heating and A/C air handler. This thing simply kills all nasty contaminants in the air using concentrated UV light. But, I still wanted to go a bit further from there, to get a clean start. The Heating and A/C set myself and others up with a company who came right out and cleaned our entire HVAC duct system. Not only did they very thoroughly cleaned all the ducts, they also used a compound and resealed all the joints of the Heating and A/C. This will increase the daily efficiency of the Heating and A/C system. I can’t tell you how much better the air is inside of our home.


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