It’s hard to beat a good window AC or ductless mini split in a studio apartment

My ductless mini split in my studio apartment is a powerhouse of energy efficiency

There are people who hate the idea of living in a studio apartment. They hate living in confined spaces and insist that they would always feel too claustrophobic without multiple rooms and extra floor space. I suppose if living in a house your whole life has conditioned you to hate smaller living spaces, I can’t imagine why you would need more. You end up having this big structure that acts as more of a massive storage unit for useless junk than genuinely signifying a pragmatic and purposeful living space. It’s also a lot cheaper for a host of reasons. For one, many people with large homes leave on a lot of lights in otherwise unused spaces throughout the house in the evening. Having a smaller space takes away those extra sources of wasted electricity. Fewer sinks and showers means there is less of a drain on the water heater and less of a need for a larger than necessary hot water supply to satisfy the demands of the entire house. More than anything else, you waste a lot less energy heating and cooling your residence as well. My ductless mini split in my studio apartment is a powerhouse of energy efficiency. It uses a miniscule amount of electricity to get my small living space to whatever temperature I desire, regardless of whether I want to use the heating mode or the cooling mode. Even the window air conditioner that I was using prior to upgrading to my ductless mini split was an extremely effective machine with minimal energy waste. I can’t imagine ever living in a larger residence again, I prefer my energy independence more than a desire to accumulate objects.

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