It’s going to be tough to choose good air registers

The two of us have just finished with an immense remodeling project at our property! We’ve been working on it for the past year and a half, and both of us have finally gotten to the point where we have reached the enjoyable part! It’s finally time to start doing the part where both of us are going to begin decorating.

It took longer than both of us originally expected it was going to.

The two of us actually ended up having to update a bunch of the ductwork and that cost us a bunch of time. It also caused us a bunch of trouble because both of us had to update the drywall and the flooring in the sites where both of us had to put in the new ductwork. Working on the ventilation system took more time than anything else both of us had to do in the property! The two of us had to wait on our Heating and A/C equipment supplier more than a few times and my hubby started to get frustrated with them at one point in time. When both of us finally got the ductwork in place and the sheetrock and flooring put back in the way that it was supposed to be, both of us were so thankful to almost be finished! At this point, now both of us finally have working heating and cooling equipment with ductwork that actually links up. It’s time to get going with working on the cosmetic part of the remodeling project. I am all set to get some beautiful air registers and HVAC vent covers for the home office and the bedrooms, even though I never knew the different amount of air registers and vent covers there truly are out there!

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