It’s an added perk of living here

It might be a tad unusual that I have just always felt so lucky to be exactly where I am.

Truthfully, I just don’t assume a whole lot of people who know that way at all.

I always hear so many of our neighbors complain loudly about our region without noticing any of the brilliance of it. Granted, I can say that the Winter seasons in our area can be really strenuous to manage. It honestly is a special kind of chilly with all the snow and falling ice you could ever want. The Heating and A/C machine is something that you fundamentally put a lot of faith in and if you don’t, it will be a particularly long and deadly Winter season. I assume the Winter season is the main complaint voiced from those I hear talking about residing here. But, for me, I love every single thing that goes along with the Winter season in our hometown. To me, there is nothing more heart warming than being inside with the Heating and A/C furnace making our home toasty and super cozy. I just love to watch it snow. There just isn’t much about indoor heating that I don’t like. I assume having the option of heating and cooling system clearly increases that love of where the two of us are. I say that because the two of us have always chosen to go with geothermal Heating and A/C in our homes. It uses the earths temperature to heat and cool the home. It is also efficient. And, it lasts for over 30 years and the two of us will reap the ongoing utility savings for that long. Yep, I’m staying right here.

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