It takes some getting used to

Ever since my partner and I moved into our new home we have been blown away at how nice it is compared to our old place.

  • For the last five years we had been living in a small studio on the other side of town and we couldn’t stand it.

There are too many problems to list, but the things that got on our nerves the most were our noisy neighbors and the extremely loud HVAC unit. We tried for years to get our landlord to replace the unit, but according to him since there was nothing wrong with the HVAC unit from a “safety” standpoint then he wasn’t contractually obligated to. With this extremely old and noisy HVAC unit would keep us up during the night our next door neighbors made sure to make things hell for us during the day. I don’t know what they were doing all day to make that much noise, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to just be our landlord trying to give us an ever harder time. At our new house we have so much more space, we don’t have any neighbors close to us, and we have a state of the art HVAC unit installed in our home that keeps the house warm and the air clean. Living in a home with no noise problems and a well running HVAC unit might not sound like that big of a deal, but if you had to spend the last five years living how we did I think you would be able to understand a bit better.



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