Is the “smart” temperature control broken, or the internet?

I don’t guess why people want to build new technology on top of old technology.

  • It feels as if the people I was with and I live under layers of gadgets that all feed upon each other, however they rarely work as well as we want them to.

When you have troubles with 1 device, you never guess where to begin your problem solving because everything is operating together on the basis of the internet these days, how can the people I was with and I all just go back to analog devices for a while plus see what humans can be capable of on our own? Unfortunately, this gadget on gadget lifestyle has recently been our downfall, also. A few weeks ago I called the local heating, cooling, plus air quality control dealership. I thought I made a huge improvements in our heating, cooling, plus ventilation system. I arranged for a smart temperature control device replacement, so that I could absolutely control our indoor heating, cooling, plus ventilation system from anywhere. My old, seasoned central heating plus cooling control system was a basic temperature control unit that didn’t allow for programming indoor hot plus cold temperatures. I hated that our utility bills were constantly so dang high from the indoor air temperature control system running 24/7 at 1 locked-in temperature. I wanted to be able to turn off our indoor air temperature program when no 1 was around to save some cash. But this new “smart” device has not been impressive. The smart temperature controls never stay connected to wireless so I can use them. No matter how several times I attach our temperature control to our internet plus our PC to our temperature controls, it doesn’t stay online for more than a few minutes. I can’t change the HVAC settings plus our temperature control unit has a life of its own. I don’t guess if I should complain to the internet contractor or our local HVAC provider.



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