I wanted to see a movie, not pay for the production

We decided to take them to a movie one afternoon

My wife and I wanted to take the kids on a special vacation this year. We had been to see my parents in a couple of years. They had moved to North Port, FL about five years ago. The kids are finally old enough to be able to handle the trip without being royal pains and I thought it would be fun for all of us. Mom and dad had bought a big house that also had a small mother-in-law suite. It was nice to be there with them and to also have our own privacy. Mom and dad had purchased a futon for the living area and our girls had to share it. Since being in Northport meant that we close to the ocean, we spent the first weekend on the beach. My dad and I went fishing while the girls all played in the water. We had plans on seeing all of the sites in Northport. Mom and dad talked about all of the fun stuff there was to do, but most of the two weeks we spent in Northport, it seemed to be raining. The kids were beginning to get bored, sitting in the house all day. We decided to take them to a movie one afternoon. I couldn’t believe it when I had to pay nearly $70 for the tickets. Back home, the tickets were only $8 a piece and I was sure they upped the prices because of tourists. I was ready to spend money on vacation in Northport, FL but paying that much for a movie, was outrageous.



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