I think we may need to replace our furnace soon

Sadly, my husband and I have been having furnace issues for the past couple of months.

  • We thought that we fixed whatever was wrong with it, but it started happening again last week, so we aren’t sure what it wrong with our furnace.

My husband replaced a part a few weeks ago, and the issues seem to be resolved, but it must not have been what was wrong. My husband has a friend who works in the HVAC industry, and he is going to ask him to come over and look at our furnace tomorrow. The furnace randomly turns off, and it does not fire back up unless we go downstairs and manually turn it back on. We aren’t sure if it is the thermostat or the furnace itself. I wish that one of us knew more about HVAC units, but neither of us paid attention when our fathers tried to teach us. We both regret our decisions now. Both of our fathers were great at fixing just about anything HVAC related. They have both passed away now, so we can’t call them for advice. I guess my husband’s friend is our last hope. My husband and I are both afraid that we are going to have to get a new furnace. If it comes down to having to buying a new furnace than, of course, we will, but we really hope that it is a smaller fixable issue. Thankfully, we have enough money in savings to buy a new furnace if that is necessary. We really wanted to use that money to fix our vehicle though, so we hope the furnace doesn’t take up all of our savings.

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