I stepped out of my comfort zone to impress this girl I liked

My friends decided that they wanted to “hook myself and others up” with somebody who they thought I would absolutely like. I ended up going on a date with this nice girl they set myself and others up with. She was telling myself and others how she just had a current mini film theatre installed in her basement, plus she wanted myself and others to come watch one of her favorite motion pictures with her. She even said she had Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C zone control, so all of us could have the cooling system proposal cranked just like going to the film theatres. When I asked her what film it was that she liked so much, she told myself and others she wanted it to be a surprise. When all of us got there plus she adjusted the temperature control settings, all of us relaxed in her little “film theatre” plus she put the film on. I couldn’t think that it was a tunesal. I like motion pictures plus all, but I never absolutely liked tunesals much. She was also singing along with the tunesal plus she tried to get myself and others to sing along with her. My face just went red because I have never absolutely been into singing, plus I wasn’t even sure if I liked the film that much. I absolutely liked her though, plus I felt terrible that I wasn’t able to get into it as much as she did. I ended up studying all the words to the tunesal, plus I bought her some roses plus chocolates the next time I went to see her. I told her that I wanted to watch that film again with her with the cooling system proposal cranked up again like before. She said she didn’t know if I could handle it, plus I surprised her when I started singing all the words with her through the film. The people I was with and I absolutely hit it off after that.

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