I Need to Get a Move On and Call for HVAC Repair

I have declined to get my air conditioning equipment maintenance for so long that I am starting to wonder about total plan failure. They say online that noises are warning signs that the plan is in need of help, but usually it is a worn space digging into the system. Occasionally it is loose bolts or rust in one of the components. Whatever the repair, left untested for too long can mean you are looking at a bigger problem. My air conditioning equipment had started just making a soft almost whispering sound and now it is a loud roaring beast. I can hardly hear the TV in the new home when the cooling plan is engaged. I think the next period is when my air conditioning equipment will stick its tongue out at me and not go. That means it will have gotten bigger on me – from a small space update to a whole plan change. I need to get on with calling my air conditioning supplier even though I don’t have any desire to do so. With social distancing I am using this as a reason for my waiting. I am not afraid of the virus and I think my HVAC supplier is being cautious. They are wearing gloves, suits and disinfecting everything. I just don’t want to call them, take time away from my life to meet with them, and pay for the appointment. In the end though, I might be looking at more than just a small repair. I have been desperate enough that I have asked some people what could be wrong in my system. I attempted a self diagnosis and doing my own maintenance and it went horribly wrong. There is a reason I am not a licensed HVAC supplier. I just need to get a move on and call them on the iphone.


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