I made it through four years of undergraduate school without an air conditioner

Unlike many others, I don’t look fondly on my college years.

It was a period of immense stress and personal strife.

Friendships and relationships were always rocky and volatile, and my classwork was unbelievably overwhelming. I simply took schedules that were far past my capabilities, in part as a way to prove myself. I even had a small cubicle in the top floor of the library that I was assigned to. Out of the things I kept at my cubicle, like pens, paper, and books, I also made regular use of a small USB powered table fan that I bought at the campus bookstore. I went to school in the south so the weather was always excruciatingly hot outside. Even in the air conditioned library, I often felt compelled to use the fan to address my sweaty discomfort. But, the worst yet was my experience inside my actual dorm rooms each year. None of them had indoor heating or cooling. When it was hot outdoors, we were expected to leave our windows open and use fans to get a cross breeze going. Even in the decades of gradual improvement in campus housing at my school, the administration never thought to put in window air conditioners at the very least in all of the residence halls. When you’re already stressed out from a combination of pressing school work and drama with your peers, coming back to a hot and humid room with no relief just makes things worse. I can’t say whether or not having working air conditioning would have made a significant positive impact on my overall experience in college. But, I can say for a fact that I would have preferred it that way from the start.

Air conditioner tune-up

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