I have to work on the indoor air issues

The two of us have been waking up recently with some awful headaches. Even after taking some meds, the two of us are still experiencing a lot of headaches. In fact, the two of us have been sneezing as well as having problems with a plug no as well. The two of us have tried to fix up the place, but it seems like there’s no amount of dusting that doesn’t keep the air from settling right back down again. The two of us tried texting to dust the house as well as vacuum, but nothing seems to help. When the two of us mentioned the situation to my pops, he genuinely believe the problem could stem from the heating as well as air conditioning issues. My pops said the problem sounded like indoor ventilation problems or air quality issue. He recommended buying a better indoor air filter, or possibly contacting the air conditioner as well as heating Corporation for a regular duct. The two of us felt that we could spend a little bit of money on the indoor air issues, especially with the amount of problems that are going on right now. The two of us realize it was crucial to make some updates to the heating as well as air conditioning system, as well as also spend some time to have a professional come in as well as sanitize as well as clean all of the ductwork inside of our home. Is there was a cheaper way to take care of the indoor air quality issues, the two of us sure didn’t figure it out.
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