I Have Been Enjoying Social Distancing

Not going to lie, social distancing has been kind of great for me. I task totally online so my task is not at risk. Since all stores are not even open right now, they are doing immense sales online so I am getting bargains. I now exclusively order my groceries online rather than making the trip to the store. I get precisely what I want and I don’t waste the gas. I enjoy that I don’t have to talk to sales staff or go to events I would not normally enjoy. I have gotten out of a baby shower, boring graduation and a cheerful hour due to the coronavirus. It is love everything is functioning the way I like best of all. I recently was experiencing an issue with my heat pump system. Normally I would be forced to call my HVAC business, get an appointment, take time off task and babysit the HVAC supplier. With the virus, none of this is the way, anymore. The HVAC supplier now provides virtual consultations. I literally face timed a HVAC supplier and showed him my heat pump and got the noises on the mic. He talked myself and others through the whole call and demonstration and all of us deduced my plan was a bit dirty. After a bit of learning what to do and a few tips, my heat pump is back to normal. I paid him hardly anything since I didn’t need to buy parts and he did not have to come to my home. The whole call took less than an hour and my afternoon was free. I enjoy the way the world is operating. I can see for social people that this is no fun at all, but for me, this is love and a dream vacation.

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