I hate when it’s not fall yet, but everyone is pretending like it is

Let’s all just face the fact that it’s not really fall of the year yet.

Maybe a lot of people are sick of the summer and the high temperatures that come along with the summer.

But just because the calendar changes and the name of the month changes does not mean that fall is actually here. I don’t think that it’s technically fall until the weather actually starts cooling down. And when the temperature outside is still in the eighties, that doesn’t really seem that much like fall to me! For real, if the temperature outside is still so high that you have to adjust the thermostat so that the air conditioning will come on in your house, I don’t really think that it should be considered fall weather. The temperature here has been consistently in the high seventies and low eighties, yet everyone is hauling out their pumpkins and their corn stalks. Now, I’m all for hay and scarecrows when the weather actually does start cooling down, but until then, I feel like everyone should just give it a rest. I don’t really understand what the hurry is, I guess. I feel like everyone is in a huge hurry for the weather to be cooling down and the temperature outside to change. In my opinion, we should just all learn to live in the moment and enjoy the temperature for what it is at the time. I hate it when you’re still having to use your A/C at home and yet everyone is pretending like it’s already fall outside. I’ll be happy to start using the furnace when the time comes, but I hate to break it to people that the time is not here yet!

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