I got her remote control for her final days

I met our wife 20 years ago when the two of us were in grade school.

I know, it sounds corny already.

But, while the two of us knew each other and were superb friends all throughout school, when we dated other people. However, the two of us made the choice to go through school as buddies. Then, every one of us fell in love while the two of us were both earning our doctoral degree. Now, the two of us own a large, beautiful, Heating and A/C updated, and new home together. Every one of us both have worked quite diligently each day at having the lives the two of us typically imagined that the two of us would have together. Our latest chapter is becoming first time parents. Like pretty much everything else I can think of that the two of us have done together, there was a lot of planning and difficult thought put into the pregnancy. Unluckyly, Mother Nature didn’t get the memo, and my wife is due in early fall. Well, where the two of us live, late summer is enjoyable as residing on the sun. The heat here is just unbearable. What always made it worse is the fact that our wife has had a strenuous pregnancy. Now, she has been advocated to leave work now to spend the last weeks of the pregnancy in bed. So, I finally had a smart temperature control installed. It can do its thing by precisely and remotely managing the Heating and A/C. But, more importantly, there is an ultra easy to use app on our wife’s PC so she can control the Heating and A/C from her own bed or the couch. I assume this isn’t going to disconnect the challenges approaching in the next few weeks. But, at least she can always dial in the Heating and A/C comfort that she needs from anywhere she lays in the house.

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