I found a company that offers tuneups for only $59

Every year during the month of April, I make it a point to have a service tune-up performed on the heating and air conditioning equipment. I rarely use the heat pump much during winter, so April is a good time to have a service performed on the machine. I use the air conditioner all the time during the summer months and it is nice to have the unit serviced before it gets very hot and humid. I have been using the same heating and air conditioning equipment service company for the past 10 years, but they went out of business last fall. I had to find another company to handle the repairs and services. I looked online for local providers and I found a small company that recently opened a branch in the area. The company offers HVAC tune-ups for only $59. I was thrilled when I saw the price and I was even happier after hanging up the phone with the sales representative. The guy was very knowledgeable and friendly and he helped me make an appointment for the following day. I didn’t know what to expect for $59, but I was happily surprised by the thorough service I received from the repair technician. The guy spent nearly 45 minutes looking at all of the different parts of the heating and air conditioning system. For $59, I even got a brand new air filter for my air conditioner. It wasn’t a cheap and thin air filter. It was a really nice filter with tight-woven fibers. It was a great deal for one low price.

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