I finally got those drafty suckers

I pretty much have given up on changing my mind at this point – I just don’t care for the Winter season.

  • Snow and ice doing virtually nothing positive for me.

Plus, Winter season around here is quite absent of sunshine and cheer. I also really don’t care for what it costs to heat our home and my body while in the Winter season. While I am quite thankful to have such superb Heating and A/C heating installed at home, it just has gotten so extravagant to run it. Since, I don’t really want to do anything however stay safely inside while in the Winter season, a cozy beach house is a high priority for a cold blooded guy enjoy me. Honestly, with the amount of time the furnace is constantly running, it seems that I would be far warmer than I am. The beach house just never really feels all that ultra warm. There feels as though there is typically a draft. So much so, that I literally sit on the couch under a heavy blanket. This year, I obtained one of those temperature guns. It’s cool because I can simply point it at any surface and get an immediate read out of that surface temperature digitally. I started by going around our beach house to find the warm spots outdoors since that would seem to indicate where Heating and A/C treated air was readily leaking out. I was stunned to find so many areas that were not sealed off. It took nearly a month of professional caulking when I could but, the beach house is now sealed up tight from drafts. The resulting weekly energy bills are down nearly 30 percent!!!

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