I bought a heater for our bedroom, and it didn’t work

I really love to shop at family owned stores.

For some reason, the people that work at family owned places seem to actually like their jobs.

They are so much nicer and more caring in my experience. My husband agrees with me. We do most of our grocery shopping as well as other shopping at local, family owned businesses. I was a little disappointed the other day in one of our local stores though. It is a second hand store about three blocks from our house. I go there every couple of days to see if they have anything new that I might need. I went in there on Tuesday, and I found a space heater for sale that was still in the box. I was super excited when I saw it because I had been wanting a space heater for my husband’s and my bedroom. It is not cold in our bedroom, but it is also not as warm as I would prefer it to be. I want to run a space heater in there just at night time. I am pretty sure that it will help me sleep better. Well, I bought that space heater that I found, and I was assured by one of the employees there that it had been tested and that it worked perfectly fine. Unfortunately, I plugged it in and turned it on, but nothing happened. It didn’t work at all. I tried to take it back, but they refused to let me return it because they said that they knew for sure that it worked when they sold it to me. Let’s just say that I won’t be going back to that store anytime soon.


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