HVAC safety in schools

Every parent wishes the best that life could offer for their kids.

Therefore, they find the best schools for their children and stay committed to their children’s academic success by providing all the necessary resources.

However, not all parents are enthusiastic about schools. Some prefer homeschooling their children. Such parents fear for their children’s quality of education, interactions, and accidents. But to increase parent’s confidence in school establishment, school administrations put all the safety measures in place to assure the safety of children while in school. One such system is the smart HVAC system. While a smart HVAC system is not one hundred percent perfect, it efficiently achieves high indoor air quality. The intelligent HVAC system is one such system. This HVAC system is developed with sensors to gather real-time data, process it, and respond to the data by either heating, cooling, or ventilating a space. If there is an error in the HVAC unit, the system will perform self-diagnosis and notify people in charge about the fault within the HVAC equipment. If the system is linked to a local HVAC technician, it will send a request for repairs message to the HVAC repairman. In addition to smart HVAC systems, schools keep the HVAC unit’s dampers for maximum outdoor air intake. The goal is to raise the outdoor air intake beyond the ASHRAE minimum. Doing this does maintain not only indoor comfort but also promotes good health. Schools also lower the re-circulation of indoor air and maximize the intake of outdoor air. To ensure that the outdoor air flowing into the indoor space is high quality, schools maintain a minimum of 10 feet between the outdoor exhaust vents and the outdoor intakes.

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