How I deal with rooms that are too cold

HVAC systems are designed for one reason, to achieve an ambient indoor environment because indoor temperature influences how comfortable your stay will be in the house.

However, sometimes your HVAC system might not help you maintain the right indoor temperature.

In these cases, your indoor temperature can be too high or too low. When this happens, your body will react in a bid to keep you comfortable. However, it won’t succeed until you adjust your indoor temperature to comfortable levels. If my home is unusually hot, I begin by checking my thermostat’s settings to ensure it is correct. If not, I adjust the settings to my desired level. If the thermostat isn’t displaying anything on its LED screen, I check its battery to ensure it isn’t dead. If the battery is dead, I replace it with a new and proper functioning cell. I also check the thermostat’s wiring to ensure there are no loose connections or burns. If all parts of the thermostat work as they should, I run it and wait for my home’s HVAC system to adjust to the thermostat’s settings. If, after ten minutes, my home still feels colder than usual, I call an HVAC technician to perform a complete HVAC system analysis on my unit. However, I have space heaters, and portable AC’s with heat pumps to use in case my HVAC system breaks down in the middle of the night. I prefer portable AC’s with heat pumps because they are more energy-efficient than heat pumps. Still, I get to use both HVAC equipment when the need arises.


How I deal with rooms that are too cold

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