Hiring professionals to clean hotel rooms

My family owns and operates a boutique hotel.

I’m the third generation and in line to take over the operation. My mom and dad are gradually allowing me to make decisions and shoulder more responsibility. I attended business school so I could help the family business compete in a much more challenging business landscape. I didn’t graduate from business school to work as the janitor and maid at the hotel. While I am more than willing to step up when necessary, I don’t want cleaning toilets, washing sheets and vacuuming to be a regular part of my job. My efforts and energy are better spent promoting the business and managing the property. I had a difficult time convincing my parents that our family shouldn’t be the cleaning staff. We don’t have the time, knowledge or equipment to properly handle the job. The cleaning of the rooms is too important to risk. We need the carpets to always look brand new. We need to be sure that every surface is disinfected. There can’t be stray hair left behind. There certainly shouldn’t be any unpleasant smells lingering in the rooms. A professional cleaning company can complete the job more efficiently and better. The cleaning service isn’t overly expensive, and it’s worth it. They supply all of the linens, soaps, shampoos and toilet paper. If a bedsheet gets stained, they pay to replace it. After a few weeks of letting the professionals handle the cleaning of the rooms, my parents admitted that it was the right decision. My whole family is relieved to no longer be scheduled as the cleaning staff.


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