Hiring a national cleaning company for my business was necessary

I always wanted to own my own business.

It was especially thrilling when that business started to take off.

There was a demand for my services and I ended up opening up more locations. This success was a dream come true. I started out running a small shop where I handled all of the tasks. I was the owner, manager, accountant, public relations guy, repairman and the cleaning crew. I completed every task that needed to be done. Building the business was a labor of love. I enjoyed putting in my time and effort and reducing overhead in every possible way. I think my dedication was the reason behind how successful my business became. My standards carried over into every aspect of the operation. However, as much as I enjoyed what I was doing, I wasn’t prepared for the demands of expansion. I had to adapt as I went along. When I opened up more locations, I needed to be more of a businessman and less of a jack of all trades. That meant delegating tasks to professionals who are better at it than I am. I needed a certified accountant. I needed commercial cleaning services for each of my locations. I read reviews and checked ratings with the Better Business Bureau. I found a national cleaning company that was able to cover all of my various locations. They handle every aspect of keeping a clean and properly outfitted office building. The cleaning crew spends a couple of hours each week and deep cleans carpets, washes windows, empties the trash, scrubs bathrooms and dusts. They make sure there is plenty of toilet paper and paper towels in the dispensers. They order soap, disinfect surfaces and deodorize the entire space. Because of the cleaning service, I have more time to concentrate on other important responsibilities. I can rest assured that the workspace is clean and healthy for my employees and customers.

Carpet cleaning business

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