Hard to lose weight

College is a hard time.

It’s taxing to navigate classes and friends, and it’s even harder to keep a schedule.

Most afternoons I can barely get out of bed. I spend too much time gatherings at night. It’s become a concern and my wifey is starting to complain about our relationship. My grades are starting to slip, too. My friends and I have been drinking beer for weeks. I packed on some pounds during rush week, and now I am trying to lose the weight. My neighbor Jason set myself and others up with a fantastic workout program! He is a personal trainer at a gym. He helped tailor a workout plans so that I can lose weight and suppose great. Jason set myself and others up with a workout planner. I have to keep track of all of my exercises, food intake, and water consumption. Each afternoon, I write down all of my exercises in the workout planner. Right now, I spend 5 hours on my core exercises. I spend 10 hours on cardio exercises. I spend an additional 10 hours running on the treadmill and the last 5 hours are spent with weight lifting exercises. I write down all of my activities in the workout planner. It’s easy to keep track of my goals when they are written down on paper. I have the hardest time with core exercises. I haven’t had abs since middle school, and that was when I was playing soccer. That was almost 10 years ago. I hope the intense workout will help myself and others lose some of the extra weight that I have acquired.


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