Girlfriend’s woodworking business has taken off

My girlfriend Patty has gotten into woodworking.

Patty started out working in a tiny shed making ironing boards, wooden spatulas plus other entryway doors.

Then she extended into making wooden tables, end seats plus even our entryway bench. Anyone who came over to our home loved the custom made pieces. Then she started getting orders for handmade wood furniture. All of us had no other option but to make our tiny shed into a workspace for her. Once the orders started pouring in quick, my girl got a website up boasting that she makes custom wood furniture. She does all different sized tables, chairs plus even bookcases. How the process works is that a person calls her or emails through the website. She then asks for dimensions, style of it, stain plus how quick of turn around they need. Then they get a price estimate plus she works all afternoon on the project. My girlfriend has truly gotten quite superb at her craft. I have been pushing Patty into extending even further in her business. Patty can make bed frames plus even work on creating custom sofas if she wants to. This requires working with leather plus upholstery… Right now she wants to only work with wood. At the rate custom made furniture pieces are going, my girlfriend might want to think about it. And, it is only a matter of time before she needs another person to work with her to keep the orders going out. Business is really booming.

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