Getting my online HVAC degree

Around 5 years ago, my wife and I were hit by the recession terribly.

Both my wife and I lost our jobs.

It wasn’t due to a lack of experience, but rather an elimination in the position because of financial cutbacks. It took the two of us by surprise. We’d seen and heard stories about people losing their jobs. Most of them were let go because they hadn’t been working with the company for a certainly long time. My wife and I had been with our employers for over 6 years! My wife had to find a part time position in retail, while I tried something different. Instead of jumping head first into a part time position plus buying time until the recession quit, I went back to school. I found an online heating plus air certification that only required one year. I had always been interested in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry, so I saw this as a chance to change my career path and try something a little different. Things were a bit tight and uneasy at home. I will say though, I was happier than ever. I love reading about heating plus air, and I was eager to finish my online certification. When I graduated, my wife and I help our breathe, because we did not know if I would find a position once my Heating and Air Conditioning certification was completed. Fortunately, when I graduated, I found a small, local Heating and Air Conditioning company that took me right in. I wasn’t making much in the start. I was able to work my way up the ladder though easily!

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