Getting more with less

When it comes to branding and recognition people are almost always willing to pay extra money on something if it comes from a well known company or brand. While sometimes spending that extra cash is worth the higher quality from that specific brand, most of the time you can get more bang for your buck by going with a less established brand. I have always been the type of person who opts for the cheaper option, and nearly every time it ends up working out in my favor. For example, last week while I was on the hunt to have a new HVAC unit installed into my home I was looking everywhere for the most affordable option. When asking for advice from my family and friends they all recommended that I go with the well known HVAC company that had been rated number one for the past twenty five years. While they sounded good on paper I could tell they had inflated rates compared to their competitors for no other reason than being known. After some deeper research I was able to find a new HVAC company that had only opened up recently and had very good prices and reviews. I ended up taking a chance with them and the results were fantastic. The repair tech who installed my unit was sweet and funny, and the total amount that I ended up paying was half the cost of what I would have had to pay with the “best HVAC company in town”. It’s hard to go against the grain in order to get a new HVAC unit, but if you do the research and are smart then you will always be able to get the most bang for your buck.

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