Getting low cost tune-ups from our HVAC company

Each year during the week of May, I make it a point to have a system tune-up performed on the heating, ventilation plus A/C appliance.

I rarely use the heat pump much during the cold season, so May is a nice time to have a routine maintenance check performed on the machine.

I use the air conditioner appliance all the time during the summer season weeks in addition to it is excellent to have the HVAC appliance taken care of before it gets truly tepid and humid. I have been using the same heating, ventilation plus A/C appliance for about 10 years, however they went out of business last fall season. I honestly had to find another supplier to handle the repairs in addition to services. I looked online for local providers in addition to I came to find a small supplier that recently opened a branch in the area. The supplier offers Heating in addition to A/C appliance tune-ups for merely $59. I was entirely ecstatic when I saw the price in addition to I was even more happy after hanging up the phone with the sales representative. The guy was expertiseable in addition to friendly in addition to he helped me make an appointment for the upcoming day. I didn’t know what to expect for such a low price, although I was happily surprised by the quality repair I received from the repair contractor. The guy spent almost an hour looking at all of the weird parts of the heating in addition to a/c appliance. For such a low price, I even got a brand new air filter for our air conditioner appliance. It wasn’t a cheap air filter either. It was a really nice filter with tight-woven fibers. It was a superb deal for such a cheap price.


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