Getting HVAC preventive maintenance is essential spending

I am so not frivolous with my money.

This came from learning not to be the hard way. More than a decade ago, I was making a good deal of money and spending it. I don’t think I was even saving 5 percent of what I was making. My thought was that it was only going to get better from here so why not have champagne in the HVAC comfort of a suite at a hotel. Then the recession hit and my income took a serious tumble. This led to some really tough times. But out of that, I found that living simply and being able to be consider your spending is a much better way to go. I still enjoy champagne in wonderful HVAC comfort. It’s just that I do that inside my house instead of a fancy spot. We are able to have things and enjoy things while still being responsible about our spending. When it comes to essentials, I have no problem spending my money. Like I get grief from one of my neighbors because I pay to have semi annual HVAC maintenance. He tells me it’s a waste of money and an extravagance. I could not disagree with him more. The fact is, by having the HVAC inspected and serviced prior to the winter and again prior to the summer is smart. This ensures that the HVAC will be running with peak efficiency which saves me a lot on heating & cooling costs. Additionally, HVAC maintenance is an investment. I spent a lot on my HVAC model so I plan to have it working for me for like 25 years. And that takes paying a bit to make sure it reaches the finish line in great shape.


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