Getting HVAC ductwork retooled

I had never owned a home until I purchased this one.

There were almost 2 decades spent in apartment with poor HVAC in order to finally save enough to have a down payment. So it was with a great deal of pride and excitement that I was able to purchase a home that was to be built. My wife and I purchased a home in a development that was going up in our area. It was so great because we were able to pick from several different floor plans. Additionally, we had some choices when it came to certain components in the kitchen and even the HVAC model. It was thrilling to watch the house come to life. My wife would make a few trips a week just to revel in the fact that we were watching our home come to life. Moving in was awesome. It was the day we had been waiting for. However, that thrill came up short pretty quick. We started to notice that the HVAC air duct placements just didn’t make any sense. The ductwork vents were just in the most illogical places. Like there was one vent in the master bedroom and it was in front of the door. We brought this up to the builder and the developer. Initially, we didn’t get very far with them. They sort of blew us off. That was disheartening so we had to get a lawyer involved. Turns out, the HVAC ductwork layout was for a different floor plan. We are now in the process of having the right ductwork installed.

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