Flying is my least favorite mode of travel

People try to convince the two of us to fly to numerous destinations, but the two of us would not have an unbelievable time. The two of us truthfully don’t care much for flying and the unquestionable amount of stress that it causes to the two of us. The two of us do not prefer to be on a plane almost 35,000 feet up into the air with the agony of worrying about temperature control. The only temperature control that the two of us receive is a tiny air conditioning vent. The air conditioning vent doesn’t even adjust the indoor temperature, and only controls the flow as well as speed of the ventilation air coming from this tiny vent. The two of us do our best to take some pills so we can get lots of rest on this airplane. It cannot be easy to do with the amount of significant legroom that each of us are stuck with having. The only real thing that each of us is able to do can be to place headphones on our ears as well as a blindfold on our eyes. This is the best way for the two of us to try to sleep comfortably. The two of us find it unquestionably easy to find sleep in our condo as the system continues to move throughout the night. Until the morning, the two of us would truthfully prefer that we are in our own vehicle where we can control the heat as well as the air conditioning. It could be a lengthy drive for many people, but the two of us would prefer the comfort.

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