Finding the perfect office space for my sewing business

When I rented our new office building a few years ago, it was the perfect size to start my business, and the business real estate I planned to use for our growing sewing and mending business I started doing crafts when I was around 8 years old, and I became fascinated with the entire process, and whenever a friend or family member of mine had a tear in their clothing or needed a design idea, I was always glad to help.

I realized as I grew that I wanted to take my passion further, which led me to finding an office space for rent, and that’s where I am now, however for a few years this building gave just enough space for me and a few of our employees to work, and now that I have seen a spike in the amount of shoppers I am drawing into our business, I have decided that I am going to need a new office space.

I decided to look for other office space for rent. It was much harder than I anticipated finding an artisan loft for rent that was the size I was looking for. In the few weeks of searching for the perfect office space for rent, I realized that there was a price increase in office space for rent. This gave me the great idea of renting out my new office space, and making a bit of extra profits on the side, and as of now, I am eyeing a fantastic artisan loft for rent, that surpassed my expectations. Once I inquire more information and accept, then we can proceed with moving out of our old office.


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